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Time's Paradigm

Exploring just
how we perceive
the passage of time

Alan R. Graham

Author of the philosophy of science proposal, Time's Paradigm, debating how time works.

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To wonder: the effervescence of rational thought.


The infancy of this project, Time's Paradigm, lies back in the mid 80s at a time when the first draft was entitled "Time as a Solid". It originated out of work on gyroscopics, perspective and motion. However, the birth of his first child and a move to Canada held up the author's further progress. At the end of the following decade the bulk of the content had been revised and developed into the chapter arrangement you see today. In 2006 the title Time's Paradigm was adopted together with summaries and headings in lieu of publication.

Another move, this time to Central America, forced further postponements until 2012 when a rudimentary website dating back a few years was enhanced to accommodate the full debate. In 2014 the final touches were made. Written for general consumption with an open-minded educational theme, this not-for-profit work was recently (Dec, 2019) given a thorough update. The ebook of the same title is now available free to download only from this website.

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Time's Paradigm

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Alan is a semi-retired wildlife photographer and filmmaker. Over the years his articles with images have been published in various national and global prints, including BBC Wildlife Magazine, International Living, Land Rover Owner International and Travel Africa. His documentary material – to which he also writes the narrative – has been aired across the UK, most notably "The Affairs of Hares", a 50 minute feature filmed entirely on location in the wilds of Devon, between 1997-2000.

He is English, though resides in Belize at present. He runs a rehab' and release wildlife sanctuary in tropical forests far from civilization, though soon to retire from this very exhausting and sticky lifestyle. Since an early age Alan showed a fascination for the sciences, which he specialised in throughout his education and subsequent career.

He has been a prolific writer for over 25 years with numerous short stories, novellas and young adult titles to his credit. Of course, there are more in the works. The fictional characters he writes about come from flirtations with reality and personal experience, strong female protagonists and relationships always a major element in the story, whether a psychological thriller or science fiction. Would you believe the real inspiration for Alan's trilogy "Right of Human" was a coatimundi..?

Alan is fascinated by writing style and continually strives to invigorate this art-form, whether it be with hyper-fiction threads leading to different outcomes, dropping narrative in favor of dialogue driven plots or turning the narrator into a nefarious character.

For further reading, Crossing the Kalahari, the author's personal journey.

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