The Cycle of Time

Part 7. of the paper Time's Paradigm, concluding that time flows through our Universe as a solid four dimensional fractal, and light speed is the illusion.

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To wonder: the effervescence of rational thought.


"We cannot know something unless we know everything. Likewise, we cannot exist in time unless all of time exists. Everything must be connected for there to be progress..,

Individuality is a nonsense."


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Time's Paradigm is a philosophy of science paper advocating a Block Universe Model of time. Moreover, it argues that temporal progression is cyclical, there are no linear limits such as light speed as proposed by mathematics. Superluminal velocities can, therefore, be achieved.

Time's Paradigm


Time is a vast subject, not solely the domain of physics.  Time must also be contemplated from a philosophical and psychological point of view, in order for there to be consensus and true understanding.  This paper strives for just that, and briefly re-caps, below.

Time's Paradigm puts forward a proposal that accepts the Block Universe Model, but adds that the present is a matter of perception due to progress through time and does not in fact exist, however we are conscious of existing.  A cyclical time progression prohibits the existence of any finite points along the way.  The past and the future must exist together and in their entirety for there to be flow.  The cycle of time has no end nor beginning; everything is connected inexorably; passage is infinite but contained, in one direction only.

Our perception of progress in time is due to Universal Contraction.  All matter is in collapse, and as we reduce in size we are aware only of those things that remain proportional.

Illusions are everywhere.  They are the affirmation that existence is real.  If everything perceived where absolute and unquestionable, it would be unlikely that progress could be made, at all.  It is doubtful that anything we see is fact and more reasonable to assume that all things we see are an illusion.  From the perspective of one, a line is straight, from another, it is curved.  Which is right?  Neither, and both.

The speed of light is just an illusion, as is all motion just an illusion.  Both are valid, both depend upon reason.  Picking one against the other does not create reality, it clouds it.  For some it creates a smaller, more confined world where problems can be resolved.  For others, vision is impaired.  The passage of time is also an illusion, and for everybody, different.

A fourth dimension through which we find ourselves all physically contracting is peculiar but not unrealistic.  It is the perspective, or depth perception, necessary to see into three dimensional progression.  Not unlike the third dimension our brains demand when looking at a painting on the wall.

And so, through this giant Cycle of Time, we slowly shrink.  Our senses dictate awareness and we perceive 'now'.  We are aware only of those things proportionally equivalent to us now.  We perceive what we have evolved to perceive.

We flow from the speed of light to the speed of zero, one and the same place; we shrink from gigantic to tiny as we fight with motion against the energy of space; though we are unaware, time accelerates as we journey.  And we find that a Universal Clock does not bind us all to one present moment, that we can be aware anywhere on our time line; as a result, restrictions and limits imposed on our passage through the Universe no longer constrain us.  We can travel as fast as we like.

But, perhaps more important still, solid time means that all things are connected.  It is this which tells us that space - a void of nothingness - does not exist; that space is an essential part of connectivity.  Not really an unprecedented conclusion; after all, String Theory is big on connections.  Moreover, many people would find it difficult to agree that we are all just ships passing in the night - even those from the A Camp.

Connection means the riddance of infinity, and the absence of moments or points in time.  Now, photons of light and associated electromagnetic radiation can be understood as the binding together of existence, a weave of elastic threads that create a tapestry between points of stationary value; and we, the mobile bodies in the universe of macro status, are given freedom to wander within its confines.

In other words: there is no Grand Unified Theory!  The macro world of relativistic happenings are bed bugs in a giant, quantum mattress.

An acorn is a ball of energy, which bursts out and up into the world.  It slowly climbs skyward, then begins to send out branches here and there, in seeming chaotic and random fashion; when, in fact, it is an extraordinary and beautiful concept, full of meaning and reason.  Many hundreds of years later there stands a mighty oak tree - it worked; wow, it works, though nobody quite knows how or why.  What is clear is that all the acorns on that tree are all connected, to each other and to the very first acorn that started it all.

Our Universe: one giant fractal.  The past and the future of everything, interconnected, existing all at once in chaotic assembly.  A beautiful, four dimensional design, self-replicating, without scale, timeless in its integrity.  At some stage the challenge will be: to create a three dimensional fractal that cascades within itself; that, as it has a beginning, will have an end or perhaps many ends, that do not flow forever towards infinitely small; and whose ends will connect seamlessly with the beginning or beginnings, so creating an efficace cyclical progression.

The monumental iterative equations needed to express this structure will be the DNA of existence, itself.

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Further reading, see Is the Universe Contracting? for an overview of the core principle.

Or, for a detailed summary, see Abstract.

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Wrapping up this new theory of time, concluding that the Universe is in contraction through a cyclical passage of time

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