Einstein's Light Clock Revisited

Time's Paradigm is an in-depth philosophy of science paper exploring the passage of time. This section below, proposes that if the Universe is in collapse then time does not need to dilate.

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"If a clock stops at light speed,

does that mean Time stands still?"

No, it simply means that there is

something wrong with your clock.



The golden ratio, or divine proportion, influences our mind and our universe in so many ways we have still yet to discover.

The Golden Ratio in Universal Contraction

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In Special Relativity (SR) it is understood that a light clock will demonstrate time dilation on a rocket at relativistic speed as shown by the standard illustration below, where the green line is the inside observer's perspective of a travelling photon and the blue line an outside observer's view of the same photon from an alternate frame of reference.  Due to the apparent distance the photon travels on the blue line, a correction in time is applied to uphold (c).

Alternatively, by reducing (i.e. dividing) the length of the mirrors and the distance between them as they proceed by 1.618... (the golden ratio), to form an isosceles trapezium shown in red, both the green and the shortened, dotted blue line now measure the same.  This suggests that no time dilation is required if the Universe is in collapse (UC) by said factor.

If the Universe is in collapse by a factor of the golden ratio, the light clock can be re-drwan to show that both, observation from within the moving vehicle and that of an outside observer, see the photon of light travel the same distance.

Time dilation is a correctional requirement by SR to counter UC.

There is no other reducing factor that pairs the velocities of both paths.  Universal Contraction must follow the Fibonacci sequence.  This offers a verifiable means to make adjustments to relative quandaries and observe accordingly.

it is not surprising that a universal collapse of all matter should be governed by the Golden Ratio.  As described in chapter 4. Dimesions, it is likely that our Universe is a fractal progression through cyclical time, scaling down without beginning or end.  A factor such as this, whose extraordinary influence appears in all manner of guises throughtout the cosmos, from plants and animals to great celestial motions, would seem appropriate.

The above diagram can also be used to describe how an astronaut on a round trip voyage to Alpha Centauri, as expressed by this paper in part 6. Travel, will return in a matter of months, not 8 or so years.  Unbekownst to us here on Earth, matter in the Universe is in convergence, we are all subject to contraction, so Alpha Centauri is actually approaching us as we are it, while all of us sail through the cosmos.  This contraction is shown on the diagram by the converging red lines, Alpha Centauri's trajectory above and the Earth's, below.

The astronaut's path is shown by the green line up and down, to and from Alpha Centauri, while we would consider her trajectory and distance to follow the blue line.  This line, however, has been shortened by contraction, as shown by the dotted blue line, and is now exactly the same length as her distance travelled, because she is not under the infuence of contraction.  Both we and her are in agreement, though we fail to see eye to eye!

The dotted blue line is, in fact, the direction taken by a photon of light, as it has no mass and, therefore, is constrained by the collapse of space between bodies in the Universe.  She, on the other hand, is of mass and must contract dependent upon her velocity.

The core scientific principle of this paper can be reviewed here and is called "Universal Contraction".  Time is, however, a complex subject not only relating to physics and formulas.  The disciplines of psychology and ontology must also be considered, and are discussed in detail in the links to chapters below.  Or visit home page for an overview and Table of Contents.

please visit the author's AMAZON KINDLE page to purchase the entire book, TIME'S PARADIGM.

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Einstein's light clock shows that the universe may be in collapse, if we incorporate Fibonacci's Golden Ratio.

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